Student Ambassador Program

In September 2013, the New York City Bar launched the Student Ambassador Program at local area law schools. The student ambassadors represent the New York City Bar Association by communicating the benefits of membership, promoting relevant events, increasing student engagement, and recruiting new members at on campus events as well as City Bar programs and receptions. 

Student ambassadors have the opportunity to take a leadership role within the Association and gain visibility while developing a strong professional network in an association that includes 24,000 of the best legal minds in New York.  

Student Ambassadors and Justice Sonia Sotomayor

If you would like more information on our Student Ambassador program, please contact Melissa De Angelis at

2021 - 2022 Law School Student Ambassadors 

Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law

3L            Victoria Lowe
2L            Sangjun (William) Kim

Brooklyn Law School

3L            Don Irwin
2L            Anthony DiMauro
LL.M.        Amina Rabi


CUNY School of Law

3L            Nusrat Mowla
2L            Dawa Lhamo


Fordham University School of Law

2L            Grace Sullivan
LL.M.        David Lugo


Hofstra University School of Law

3L            Adam Gomes-Abreu
2L            Arianna Goberdhan


New York Law School

3L            Kira Lopez
2L            Marlo Mitchell


NYU Law School               

3L            Gerti Wilson
2L            Rochelle Ballantyne
LL.M.       Caleb Adebayo


Pace University School of Law   

3L            Omar Youssef
2L            Shelbire Paul


Quinnipiac University School of Law

3L            Shannon Palm
2L            Hunter  Rizzuto


Rutgers School of Law

3L            Deana Davis
2L            Sameer Prasla


Seton Hall School of Law

3L            Megan Black
2L            Daniel Weiss


St. John's University School of Law

3L            Stephanie Lamerce
2L            Billy Michaca
LL.M.     Massimiliano Caruso


Syracuse School of Law

3L            Katharine Charnay
2L            Zebedayo Masongo


Touro Law Center

3L            Lauren Wray
2L            Janay Lamb


University of Connecticut School of Law

3L            Jeff Beck
2L            Mumina Egal