Litigation Funding Working Group

The Litigation Funding Working Group is studying the issues and practices surrounding litigation funding. Specifically, the Working Group is addressing the following topics:  (a) the ethics rules and framework relating to the City Bar’s Ethics Opinion 2018-5, (b) current practices in litigation funding and best practices for the future, (c) issues of disclosure regarding litigation funding, (d) litigation funding in the consumer and civil rights arenas and (e) recent litigation funding developments in New York and in certain jurisdictions outside New York. The Working Group will not be revisiting Opinion 2018-5, but is open to exploring potential revisions to the ethics rules and/or legislation.

The Working Group is comprised of a range of interested professionals, including private practitioners, ethics professors and specialists, litigation funding executives, a former federal judge, in-house counsel, ADR specialists, and representatives from several of the City Bar’s standing committees.


Debra L. Raskin (Co-Chair)
Lynn K. Neuner (Co-Chair)
James J. Bilsborrow
William F. Dahill
Margaret A. Dale
Elliot Dolby-Shields
Dai Wai Chin Feman
Katherine B. Forrest
Stephen Gillers
Jonathan Goldin
Jordan Goldstein
Taa Grays
Bruce A. Green
Seymour James
Richard I. Janvey
Meredith Karp (Secretary)
David Keyko
Marc Madonia
John G. McCarthy
Mark Morril
David Perla
Philip Schaeffer
Barbara Seniawski
Kaylin Whittingham
Sean M. Zaroogian