In-House/Outside Litigation Counsel Working Group

The In-House/Outside Litigation Counsel Group provides a forum for in-house lawyers and outside litigation counsel who represent corporate clients to examine the legal and business aspects of the working relationship between in-house and outside counsel. The members of the Group discuss topical issues that have an impact on corporate litigation. The Group also seeks the perspectives of the courts, practitioners who represent consumers, and public sector litigants.

Established in 2007, the Group reaches out to the Association's members and to the broader legal community. The Group develops and sponsors events including breakfast presentations by Group members and in-house attorneys responsible for litigation at their companies, and CLE programs on such matters of common interest to in-house attorneys and outside litigation counsel as alternative billing practices, corporate compliance programs, and ethical standards applicable in international arbitration and litigation.

The practical issues addressed in our almost-monthly evening meetings recently have included the effects of structural changes in the marketplace for commercial litigation representation; the challenges presented to in-house lawyers and outside counsel by the whistleblower provisions of the Dodd-Frank Act; proposed changes to New York practice rules related to complex commercial litigation; developments in the law of discovery sanctions that affect the relationship between in-house and outside litigation counsel; and the use of alternative dispute resolution.

From time to time, guests are invited to join in discussions or to present to the Group on matters of practical concern in managing, conducting and limiting litigation.

It is a goal of the Group to have equal representation of in-house and outside counsel in its membership. Regular attendance at evening meetings is key to getting value out of membership in the Group. A City Bar member who is a member of a standing committee may serve concurrently as a member of the Group.