New York State Legislative Agenda

Upon taking office, City Bar President Sheila S. Boston identified six priorities built around her vision of a Bar of Hope that would rise to face the unprecedented challenges confronting New York and the Nation. Those priorities are: COVID-19 Recovery Projects; Criminal Justice Reform; Access to Justice; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Protection of the Rule of Law; and Mental Health and Wellness.

The City Bar’s 2022 New York State Legislative Agenda draws on these priorities and is rooted in our mission to equip and mobilize a diverse legal profession to practice with excellence, promote reform of the law, and uphold the rule of law and access to justice in support of a fair society and the public interest. The agenda focuses on positions relevant to the current legislative debate or of particular importance to the City Bar, as well as legislative proposals drafted by our committees. The City Bar’s committees generate dozens of reports over the course of each legislative session and this agenda represents only a portion of those positions.  For a full directory of City Bar reports, including positions on regulatory changes and our federal and international work, please visit our website.

Download the agenda: OverviewFull PDF






Download the agenda: OverviewFull PDF



Elizabeth Kocienda | Director of Advocacy

Maria Cilenti | Senior Policy Counsel

Mary Margulis-Ohnuma | Policy Counsel


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New York State Governor's Office

New York State Assembly | New York State Senate 
Search legislation, find your representatives, read press releases, see when the Assembly and Senate are in session and what is on their agendas, and provide live audio and video coverage of legislative proceedings

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New York State Legislative Retrieval System 
Search for current and past bills by bill number, keyword, chapter number and others; provides bill text, status, summaries, sponsors memos, floor votes, floor calendars, committee agendas, chaptered laws, and veto and approval messages from the Governor

Tracking State and City Legislation: Tips

How a Bill Becomes a Law

New York State Legislative Process: Glossary of Frequently Used Phrases

New York State Legislative Session Calendar
The state legislative session generally runs from January through June each year

New York State Public Hearing Calendar
Updated as hearings are scheduled or modified. Great resource for committees interested in providing testimony on issues they've commented on

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Committee Reports and Member Best Practices

Your Committee Issued a Report...Now What?

Engaging in Advocacy: How to Get Involved After a Committee Takes a Position

Lobbying for Passage of a Bill in NYS: Some Basics

Providing Hearing Testimony: What to Expect

Social Media Best Practices: Promoting Your Involvement at the City Bar


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