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New York High Court Dismisses NYPD Negligence Suit

Thomson Reuters, October 19, 2011

New York High Court Dismisses NYPD Negligence Suit

By Dan Wiessner

In a 5-2 decision released Tuesday, the Court of Appeals vacated a $10 million award granted to a Bronx woman who was shot by her ex-boyfriend after allegedly reporting death threats to the police…The case was watched closely by a number of civil rights and victim advocacy groups, who are concerned the ruling will send a message to victims of domestic violence that orders of protection are essentially worthless. “When the laws on the books are not enforced, it creates a huge gap for domestic violence victims,” said Sandra Park, an ACLU lawyer and the chair of the New York City Bar Association’s Domestic Violence Committee. Park, who authored an amicus brief on behalf of Valdez, said attorneys and advocacy organizations will now have to change the way they advise victims of domestic violence.

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