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New York City Bar Association Sees Increased Demand for Training

“When the Association of the Bar of the City of New York hosted a session in mid-October to train commercial lawyers to handle pro bono foreclosure cases, they expected about 70 to 80 people to show up.

‘We ended up with 245,’ says Lynn Kelly, executive director of the City Bar Justice Center, the public interest arm of the city bar association. ‘It took us completely by surprise.’ Fortunately someone was able to rush to the corner copy shop to photocopy extra training materials. Still, says Kelly, ‘we didn’t have enough food for them all.’

If there’s a silver lining to this economic meltdown, it’s that a lot of lawyers at large firms have time on their hands to do pro bono work. And unlike the last recession, they’re taking advantage of the slowdown. ‘They’re not doing structured finance deals, so they’re becoming available to do some of this financial work,’ says Kelly.”

The American Lawyer
December 2008