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Nevertheless We Persist (Above the Law)

Above the Law, June 16, 2017

Nevertheless We Persist

“Over the last week, while listening to the Senate testimony of Rod Rosenstein and Jeff Sessions, I had to stop myself from yelling at the television multiple times. Most of the time I was yelling, ‘You didn’t scold the male senator who just did that!’ or something along those lines. I realized that I was most annoyed every time the committee chair, often at the prompting of another male senator, admonished Senator Kamala Harris for the manner and substance of her questions….This seems like a new and awful pattern to the world watching the news these days. It is shocking and outrageous to many political commentators and the general public alike. And, like most hot-button political issues these days, it is viewed in exactly the opposite way by liberals versus conservatives. This is not, however, new to any professional woman, particularly female attorneys. This is often our reality. While women are slowly increasing their ranks in leadership roles in law firms and leadership positions in the legal profession, the numbers are still much too low. The 2015 Law Firm Diversity Benchmarking Report issued by the New York City Bar Association reported that 1 in 4 law firms had no women on their management committees and 1 in 8 firms had no women as practice group heads, among other deficiencies.”

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