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Council weighing ban on pet rabbit sales (New York Post)

New York Post, November 25, 2014

Council weighing ban on pet rabbit sales

“Forgoing the carrot-and-stick approach, the City Council is moving to outlaw the sale of rabbits, because the cuddly creatures are multiplying like, well, rabbits. The council’s Elmer Fudd edict wouldn’t force owners to give up bunnies already in their homes. But a bill, which had a second public hearing Monday, would make it illegal for pet shops to ‘display, offer for sale, deliver, barter, auction, give away, transfer or sell’ the little critters. ‘Rabbits are the third most commonly surrendered animal in city shelters following dogs and cats,’ said Christine Mott, who heads the city Bar Association’s Committee on Animal Law. ‘They’re frequently dumped in city parks and brought to city shelters. There’s simply not enough room.’ The bunny ban is part of a broader bill that would prohibit pet shops from buying dogs from ‘puppy mills,’ require more dogs to be licensed and give the city stricter enforcement powers over pet stores.”

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