EasySoft Online Real Estate Closing Solution

Handling over 150,000 closings a year, Easysoft has been trusted by Real Estate Closings Professionals for over 30 years.

EasySoft Online Real Estate Closing Solution includes:

  • Automatically calculate tax prorations, government recording charges, projected payments and cash to close
  • Centralized data entry
  • Purchase / Refinance
  • Ledger Balancing
  • 1099-S Reporting and Filing
  • Title Searching
  • Dropbox Integration for document storage
  • RynohLive integration for escrow account management
  • Ledger export to Cosmolex

There is no installation required as Easysoft is accessed via a browser. To get started, all you need is a device (laptop, tablet, PC or smartphone) and an internet connection to access and work on any of your Real Estate closing matters – whenever and wherever you need to. 

As a member of the NYC Bar Association you will get the first 3 months free after signing up for a one year subscription.  Use code NYCBAR at checkout to take advantage of this offer.

For more information about the Easysoft solution and free 14-day trial, please visit https://www.easysoft-usa.com/how-it-works/.