Civil Court Committee

The Civil Court Committee addresses issues pertaining to the New York City Civil Court. The Civil Court has jurisdiction in cases involving claims of up to $25,000. The Civil Court Committee focuses on all of the types of cases brought in Civil Court, except for landlord/tenant cases, which are addressed by the City Bar’s Housing Court Committee. Civil Court filings include the burgeoning number of consumer debt collection cases (over 210,000 in 2010), small claims cases (approximately 50,000 per year), and no-fault insurance cases.

Recent topics addressed by the Civil Court Committee include regulation of the process server industry and of debt buyers. The Committee develops memoranda on state and federal legislative proposals, in particular as they pertain to consumer debt collection. Committee members also help administer the Bronx CLARO Program, in collaboration with the Bronx County Bar Association, Fordham Law School’s Feerick Center for Social Justice, and Legal Services NYC Bronx. Bronx CLARO provides limited legal advice to unrepresented New Yorkers regarding consumer debt collection issues.

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