Practicing in NYS Supreme Court

Wednesday, October 28, 2015 | 6 pm – 9 pm

Program Co-Chair
John M. Lundin
Schlam Stone & Dolan LLP

Isaac B. Zaur, Clarick Gueron Reisbaum LLP

Program Co-Chair
Isaac B. Zaur

Clarick Gueron Reisbaum LLP

  • This program will provide new attorneys with an overall “how to” guide for practicing in New York Supreme Court.  Panelists will discuss the basics of initiating an action, describe the court parts and what they do, and provide information about getting a judge assigned to the case.  The panelists will also provide an overview of court rules, part rules, judge rules, and the relevant sections of the CPLR as a guide to navigating the court system effectively.  Practical basic tips by seasoned attorneys, judges, and court staff have been compiled to provide new attorneys with a “nuts and bolts” education of the Supreme Court.

    Live Program: $229 Member/$329 Nonmember
    Small Law Firm: $119 Member/$219 Nonmember

    Please call 212-382-6663 for the Small Law Firm Rate

  • Honorable Eileen Bransten                                                                         
    Justice, NYS Supreme Court
    Commercial Division, NY County

    Jeffrey Carucci
    First Deputy Chief Clerk
    NYS Unified Court System
    Statewide Coordinator for E-Filing

    Honorable Saliann Scarpulla
    Justice, NYS Supreme Court                
    Commercial Division, NY County

  • 6:00 pm – 6:05 pm               Welcome and Introduction of speakers
                                                  John M. Lundin

    6:05 pm – 6:15 pm               Introduction and Overview of Practice in the Supreme Court for New Practitioners
                                                  John M. Lundin

    6:15 pm – 6:25 pm               Initiating An Action
                                                  Jeffrey Carucci and Justice Saliann Scarpulla

    6:25 pm – 6:45 pm               Electronic Filing and Courthouse Technology
                                                  Jeffrey Carucci and Isaac B. Zaur

    6:45 pm – 6:55 pm               Court Parts and What They Do
                                                   Justice Eileen Bransten and Isaac B. Zaur

    6:55 pm – 7:00 pm               Getting a Judge Assigned
                                                  Justice Eileen Bransten, John M. Lundin and Justice Saliann Scarpulla

    7:00 pm – 7:25 pm               Motions
                                                  Justice Eileen Bransten, Jeffrey Carucci and Justice Saliann Scarpulla

    7:25 pm – 7:35 pm               Break

    7:35 pm – 7:45 pm               Court Rules
                                                  Justice Eileen Bransten and John M. Lundin

    7:45 pm – 8:05 pm               Hearings and Trials
                                                  Justice Johnny Lee Baynes, Justice Saliann Scarpulla and Isaac B. Zaur

    8:05 pm – 8:15 pm               Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Supreme Court
                                                  Justice Eileen Bransten and John M. Lundin

    8:15 pm – 8:20 pm               Geography of the Supreme Court
                                                  John M. Lundin and Isaac B. Zaur

    8:20 pm – 8:45 pm               Practical Tips
                                                  All Speakers

    8:45 pm – 9:00 pm               Questions
                                                  All Speakers

  • CLE Credit
    NY: 3.0 skills
    NJ: 3.3 general
    CA: 3.0 general
    PA: 2.5 general

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