CLE Institutes


Missed this year’s institutes? Our 2021 institutes are now available to purchase on-demand. Get the latest developments in white collar crime, securities litigation, employment and non-profit law beginning today.

7th Annual Employment Law Institute

The New York City Bar’s Labor & Employment Law’s annual all-day institute explores recent trends, developments, and cutting-edge issues in employment law. Panels typically include judges, in-house counsel for large New York corporations and financial institutions, representatives from governmental agencies, and top practitioners from both the plaintiffs' and defense bar.

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Not-for-Profit Law Institute 2021: Nonprofits Meet the Moment —Legal Issues in Responding to COVID-19 and Calls for Greater Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Each year, The New York City Bar’s Committee on Non-Profit Organizations hosts a full-day CLE program exploring new developments in the legal issues of the non-profit arena.  Past programs have focused on a variety of industry trends, including the blurring of the line between for-profit and not-for-profit entities, and nonprofit law in the age of the Nonprofit Revitalization Act. Panelists typically include regulators, attorney practitioners, accountants and academics, assembled in an informative program of interest to in-house counsel for nonprofit organizations and those who advise them, as well as executives at nonprofits.

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9th Annual Securities Litigation & Enforcement Institute

This annual full-day program, organized by The New York City Bar’s Securities Enforcement and White Collar Crime Committees, will provide a comprehensive overview of recent trends, developments and cutting-edge issues in securities litigation and enforcement. The panels include prominent securities litigators, senior in-house counsel at major financial institutions and corporations, nationally recognized trial lawyers, jury consultants, and economists.

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9th Annual White Collar Crime Institute

Each year, The New York City Bar’s White Collar Criminal Law Committee assembles a comprehensive, full-day CLE program exploring critical developments in the area of white collar enforcement. This annual landmark event features keynote speakers and panels, including senior government enforcement officials, judges, senior legal personnel from New York-based corporations and financial institutions, and top practitioners in the field.

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