She Got Her Job Through the City Bar: Anne Weisberg

She Got Her Job through the City Bar: Anne Weisberg

When Anne Weisberg stepped into the City Bar’s Enhance Diversity in the Profession Committee’s first meeting, she had no idea she was stepping into her future. Anne wasn’t practicing law at the time. She was working for Catalyst, whose mission is to expand opportunities for women in business, and joining the Committee was a great way to complement her work.

It was in that Committee meeting that Anne met Wendy Schmidt, who works at Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP. The two developed a great working relationship on projects including a diversity benchmarking survey and the launching of the Diversity Champion Awards.

Eventually, Anne and Wendy discovered that an interest in diversity was not the only thing they shared. “We realized almost a year after meeting that not only did we share similar work interests but we shared a good friend,” says Anne. It turned out that Anne had gone to law school with one of Wendy’s closest friends. The three began to get together regularly.

One evening, chatting in the City Bar’s lobby after a Committee meeting, Wendy learned that Anne was interested in making a move. Wendy immediately started investigating how Deloitte could bring Anne into its Women’s Initiative, which had been founded in 1993 to address the gender diversity challenges faced at Deloitte. The Women’s Initiative had succeeded in virtually eliminating the gender gap in turnover and increasing the number of women in leadership positions, but Deloitte wanted to take it to the next level. Anne joined Deloitte’s Women’s Initiative six years ago, and four years ago moved to supporting the Chief Talent Officer on talent strategy, marketplace and eminence.

At the end of May, Anne is leaving Deloitte to become Director of Diversity at Blackrock. She acknowledges that Deloitte was a critical step in her journey, one that started because she was at the right place—the City Bar—at the right time.