New York City Bar Association Rates Primary Election Candidates For Civil Court In New York City

The New York City Bar Association has evaluated the candidates running in the September 9th Democratic Party primary elections for Civil Court in Kings County. The review was conducted by the Association’s Committee on the Judiciary.

The Committee uses two ratings: Approved and Not Approved. Candidates rated Approved have affirmatively demonstrated qualifications necessary for the performance of the duties of the position for which they are being considered.

Kings County

Civil Court, 2nd District

Rupert V. Barry Approved
Cenceria P. Edwards Approved

Civil Court, 6th District

Sharon Clarke Not approved by reason of the candidate’s failure to affirmatively demonstrate that she possesses the requisite qualifications for the court for which she is a candidate
Isiris Isela Isaac Approved
Diana J. Szochet Approved


Note: To ensure the thoroughness and integrity of the ratings process, the City Bar cannot comment beyond what is provided in this release.