New York City Bar Association Rates Primary Election Candidates for Civil Court, District Attorney in New York City

The New York City Bar Association has completed evaluations of the following candidates running in the September 12 Democratic Party primary elections for Civil Court and District Attorney in Kings County. The review was conducted by the Association’s Committee on the Judiciary.

The Committee uses two ratings: Approved and Not Approved.  Candidates rated Approved have affirmatively demonstrated qualifications necessary for the performance of the duties of the position for which they are being considered.

Kings County

Civil Court, 6th Municipal District

Elena Baron – Not Approved

Rupert V. Barry – Not Approved

Derefim B. Neckles – Approved

Hemalee J. Patel – Approved



Frederick C. Arriaga  – Approved

Ellen Edwards – Not Approved

Patria Frias-Colon – Approved

Patrick J. Hayes – Not Approved

Isiris Isela Isaac –  Approved

Thomas J. Kennedy – Not Approved

Connie M. Melendez – Approved

John K. O’Hara – Not Approved

David C. Pepper – Approved

Sandra Elena Roper – Not Approved

Robin K. Sheares – Approved


District Attorney

Ama Dwimoh – Approved

Marc Fliedner –  Not Approved

Patricia L. Gatling – Approved

Vincent J. Gentile – Approved

Eric Gonzalez – Approved

Anne J. Swern – Approved

Note: To ensure the thoroughness and integrity of the ratings process, the City Bar cannot comment beyond what is provided in this release.

About the Association
The New York City Bar Association (, since its founding in 1870, has been dedicated to maintaining the high ethical standards of the profession, promoting reform of the law and providing service to the profession and the public. The Association continues to work for political, legal and social reform, while implementing innovative means to help the disadvantaged. Protecting the public’s welfare remains one of the Association’s highest priorities.