City Bar Statement Supporting 2011-12 Judiciary Budget

Today New York City Bar Association President Samuel W. Seymour issued the following statement in support of the 2011-12 Judiciary budget:

Over the past five years, our State courts – which have a constitutional duty to provide meaningful access to justice for all New Yorkers – have been pushed to the brink. Courts have no control over the number of litigants who come through their doors. Caseloads have risen dramatically while the number of unrepresented parties facing economic and family-related crises has swelled to unacceptable numbers:  more than 2.3 million people went to court last year without representation. To address this crisis, the Judiciary 2011-2012 budget provides funding for basic access to justice in cases involving fundamental human needs, including for low-income litigants. The City Bar urges the Legislature to enact the Judiciary’s proposed 2011-2012 budget in its entirety.