Real World Document Drafting®: Form, Style & Substance
Wednesday, Oct 09 2013
Wednesday, Oct 09 2013

Well-drafted legal documents should not only articulate the terms of the transaction, but also protect and advance the client’s interests, reduce the likelihood of disputes, and establish the framework for successful business relationships.
This program integrates the legal principles, skills, and experience related to negotiating and drafting a range of contracts. It explores the underlying principles of contract law that apply to specific contract provisions and considers alternative ways to resolve issues in the document negotiation process. The focus is on producing readily comprehended legal documents that can serve as roadmaps for business relationships and can reduce the possibility of related litigation.

New York, California & New Jersey CLE Credits 7.0 skills This live program provides transitional/non-transitional credit to all attorneys. This program has been approved for MCLE credit in other MCLE jurisdictions. Credit breakdown for other jurisdictions will be available at the program. In accordance with the New York CLE Board's Regulations and Guidelines, if you attended this program in the past you may not be permitted to apply the CLE credit for this program to fulfill your current CLE requirements.


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