Trials of the Century
Tuesday, Dec 03 2013
Thursday, Dec 05 2013

There can be no better education and entertainment than to be seated in the front row of the Los Angeles County Court House on August 15, 1912, as Clarence Darrow, America’s greatest trial attorney, rises to give his most memorable closing argument. Now you have a front row seat. Listen, learn, and enjoy!
Using actual film footage, re-creations, photos, and verbatim trial transcripts, this unique program offers an unforgettable educational experience. See excerpts from the O.J. Simpson trial, hear Clarence Darrow cross-examine William Jennings Bryan inthe Scopes “Monkey Trial,” view the cross-examination of Herman Goering at the Nuremberg trials, and listen to Clarence Darrow’s closing arguments in the L.A. Times Bombing Trial. Learn the ethics of dealing with difficult witnesses from the Alger Hiss perjury trial. Each example is followed by a practical discussion of the lessons from the masters that you also can apply to improve your own skills as an advocate.

New York, California & New Jersey (July 17): 7.0 total: 6.0 skills & 1.0 ethics. This live program provides transitional/non-transitional credit to all attorneys. This program has been approved for MCLE credit in other MCLE jurisdictions. Credit breakdown for other jurisdictions will be available at the program. In accordance with the New York CLE Board's Regulations and Guidelines, if you attended this program in the past you may not be permitted to apply the CLE credit for this program to fulfill your current CLE requirements.


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