(Both Days):Best of 16-Hour Bridge-the-Gap: Practical Skills, Ethics & More
Tuesday, Nov 19 2013
Tuesday, Nov 26 2013

This program will bring together the most exceptional segments and speakers from past Bridge-the-Gap programs. Come and hear from practitioners that past attendees rated highly for an update on various areas of law to satisfy the newly admitted attorney's full year of ethics, skills and professional practice/practice management CLE credits. Experienced attorneys will find this program to be an invaluable way to earn credits and get the latest information on an assortment of practice areas. This program is particularly distinct in that one day will allow attendees to fulfill all required skills credits and the other day will allow attendees to fulfill all required ethics credits. Attendance on both days will provide the total professional practice/practice management required of all newly admitted attorneys.
Each Bridge-the-Gap program contains updated content and will provide CLE credit to all attendees, even if they attended in the past.

NY, CA & NJ CLE Credit: (Both Days):16 total: 7.0 professional practice, 6.0 skills & 3.0 ethics NY, CA & NJ CLE Credit: Nov 19 (Day 1): 8.0 total: 6.0 skills & 2.0 professional practice NY, CA & NJ CLE Credit: Nov 26 (Day 2): 8.0 total: 5.0 professional practice & 3.0 ethics Illinois & Pennsylvania Credits (Both Days): 10.5 general & 2.5 ethics Illinois & Pennsylvania Credits Nov 19 (Day 1): 6.5 general Illinois & Pennsylvania Credits Nov 26 (Day 2): 4.0 general & 2.5 ethics


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