Immigration Remedies Available Now: Are You Prepared?
Tuesday, Oct 29 2013
Tuesday, Oct 29 2013

Through a series of panel presentations by experienced immigration practitioners, this program will provide a practical introduction to often overlooked remedies available under the current immigration system. Remedies covered will include:
Prosecutorial Discretion
Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals to the U.S. (DACA)
Deferred Action for Non-childhood Arrivals
Administrative Closure
Motions to Reopen
Parole, Cancellation of Removal & Waivers
Other Special Eligibility Categories, including unaccompanied minors, victims of crimes & human trafficking
Every attorney will want to attend this program to learn the skills necessary to represent immigrant clients effectively.

New York, California & New Jersey Credit: 3.0 skills This live program provides transitional/non-transitional credit to all attorneys. Illinois Credit: 2.75 general Pennsylvania Credit: 2.5 general


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