Marriage Equality - After the Supreme Court Rulings Law
Monday, Oct 28 2013
Monday, Oct 28 2013

This program will examine the impact of the Supreme Court's recent decision in U.S. v. Windsor on tax and estate planning and immigration issues.
The Windsor decision changes the tax and estate planning landscape for same-sex married couples, keeping in mind the planning difficulties resulting from the tension between federal same-sex marriage recognition and state DOMAs. Among the topics addressed will be the amendment of previous tax returns, the marriage penalty, rescission, the necessity of having various estate planning documents in hand when traveling to non-recognition jurisdictions, and complications arising from residence in non-recognition jurisdictions.
Additionally, the Windsor decision has many immigration-related implications for same sex couples. The panel will explore benefits now accessible to same-sex binational couples, including sponsorship for visas, nonimmigrant derivative filings, sponsoring stepchildren and use of waivers, as well as discuss the problems that remain.

New York, New Jersey & California Credit:: 3.0 professional practice. This live program provides transitional/non-transitional credit to all attorneys. Illinois Credit: 2.75 general Pennsylvania Credit: 2.5 general


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