Insider Trading 2013: Trends & Developments in the Investigation, Prosecution & Defense of Insider Trading Cases
Tuesday, Sep 24 2013

Insider trading continues to be one of the highest enforcement priorities for both the SEC and DOJ. Both agencies have devoted unprecedented resources to investigating insider trading violations, continue to employ aggressive investigative techniques, and ventured into new substantive territories and prosecution theories. The result has been a continuing heavy docket of criminal and civil investigations and prosecutions and a continuing effort to chart new ground in insider trading prosecutions.
At this program, a panel of experts will discuss the new frontiers being explored in recent cases. The course will cover the following topics, among others: the complex legal issues that arise in cases involving chains of tippees; evidentiary issues in conspiracy prosecutions, the investigation of so-called "political intelligence" firms under the STOCK Act; the legitimacy of trading on information obtained from public company insiders, including issues of materiality and the "mosaic" theory of investing; corporate civil and criminal liability for employee insider trading; and prosecution and defense strategies.

New York, New Jersey & California Credit: 2.0 professional practice. This live program provides transitional/non-transitional credit to all attorneys. Illinois Credit: 1.75 general Pennsylvania credit: 1.5 general


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