You Don’t Practice Criminal Law & You Get That Midnight Phone Call…New York Criminal Practice 101
Wednesday, Apr 24 2013

If you haven't thought about criminal law since you were required to take it in law school,what can you expect to encounter when a client calls you in the middle of the night about a criminal matter? What questions do you ask? How do you counsel your client? What should not you do - or when to listen? What's next? What rights should I preserve? Knowing where the ethical boundary lines are. This program is a must for any attorney unfamiliar with criminal law practice. Find out everything you need to do to preserve the rights of your client (whether dealing with a minor problem or a serious matter) from the first minute your telephone rings until the dust settles and the daylight comes.

New York & California Credit: 3.0 credits: 2.5 skills & 0.5 ethics. New Jersey: 3.0 general. This live program provides transitional/non-transitional credit to all attorneys. Illinois Credit: 2.5 general; Pennsylvania Credit: 2.5 general


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