Managing the Legal Writing of Others
Thursday, Nov 29 2012

This is not your typical legal writing program. It does not focus on the basic skills of good legal writing – instead, it focuses on the advanced skills needed by lawyers who oversee the writing of other lawyers. While good firms always include in their ranks many good writers, those lawyers are pressed for time and frequently respond to drafts not by requesting another effort by the author, but by rewriting the document themselves.

To truly "manage" the writing of others - to communicate edits and comments when everyone is under pressure to be productive - supervising lawyers need an effective and efficient way to give feedback that is quick, insightful, and instructive. This skill requires a new vocabulary and approach to editing that any experienced lawyer with good writing skills can learn. Attend this advanced, one-of-a kind program and get time-saving tips for managing the legal writing of others, so that they do the writing, not you.


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