Lawyers Following Orders: Ethical Pitfalls & Practical Advice
Friday, Nov 16 2012

Many cases in today’s complex legal marketplace require lawyers to work in teams and with in-house counsel. This scenario presents situations where some lawyers on the team are supervising other attorneys or are themselves being supervised. In this situation, what happens when a junior lawyer receives instructions to engage in what he believes is unethical or illegal conduct from a supervising attorney or a valued client? What happens when a partner receives instructions from a client that she believes are unethical? The answer, social psychologists tell us, is that subordinates are much more likely to do what they are told than we would like to believe.

This unique program will present current and practical themes involved in civil litigation and corporate practice, followed by vignettes and panel discussions that illustrate and analyze common ethical dilemmas faced by attorneys. The panel will lead an interactive discussion that
explores the many legal and ethical issues that arise when attorneys receive instructions or requests they believe are not ethical, and offer insights on how to deal with these issues.

For those of you who attended this program previously, you will not want to miss this year’s updated program.


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