Everything You Wanted To Know About E-Litigation But Were Afraid To Ask: E-Filing, E-Discovery, E-Evidence - Practice, Law & Technology
Tuesday, Nov 13 2012

Do you have the knowledge and skills to successfully E-Litigate and E-File your cases? Do you know how to win your cases by obtaining and using or precluding crucial E-Evidence? Acquire these skills from the O.C.A. Statewide E-Filing Coordinator, a Forensic Computer Expert, and an experienced trial attorney who will teach you the latest State and Federal law, provide valuable practice tips, and comprehensive written materials that are indexed for easy use. These essential skills will make you invaluable to your office colleagues and clients.
This program will teach attendees how to E-File and use the E-Courts system in New York State. You will also learn the law, practice and strategy of E-Litigation and E-Evidence in the State and Federal Courts, evidentiary and disclosure issues that arise with social media evidence, and technological points and date sources that are typically utilized. The class will be useful for all lawyers, regardless of experience level and practice area.


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