Women in Negotiation: Practical Tips to Strengthen Your Negotiation Skills (For You & Your Client)
Wednesday, Nov 07 2012

Do you feel your negotiation skills can be improved? Are you as effective at the negotiation table or in day-to-day negotiations as you would like to be? Using interactive discussions and humor, this program, based on characteristics of effective negotiators, will introduce you to the perceived differences between men and women in communicative preferences, attitudes towards conflict, negotiating styles and ways of processing information. Highly effective negotiators and mediators will provide you with practical tips on how to prepare for negotiation and identify the most important aspects of persuasion. It will also expose gender specific behaviors that undermine power in negotiation and teach you to equalize perceived power imbalances. You will learn how to apply these skills to every day situations for you and your clients, as well as how to use negotiating opportunities to continually improve your skills. Men are also encouraged to attend.


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