Employment & Severance Agreements: What Both Employment & ERISA Attorneys Need To Know
Thursday, Nov 01 2012

The design, implementation and modification of employment and separation agreements often implicate issues under tax and employment laws. In reviewing these contracts, ERISA attorneys may encounter unfamiliar employment issues, and employment lawyers may be faced with ERISA concepts outside of their regular practice. In the context of employment contracts, however, both types of issues are of relevance to both types of attorneys. This primer will seek to provide an overview of the various ERISA, tax and employment law considerations that are commonly raised by employment and severance agreements, for the practitioner whose day-to-day expertise does not span all of these areas. The panelists will walk the attendees through an employment contract and a severance contract from the perspective of both employment and benefits lawyers. This program is essential for mid-level attorneys and may also serve as a nice refresher for more experienced professionals.


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