Intermediate Concepts in Drafting Contracts
Monday, Oct 29 2012

This course builds upon the success of the course on basic drafting concepts presented earlier this year and includes the following topics: a recap of basic concepts (including the categories of contract language); conditional language; language of exception and subordination; the concept of "deemed"; references to time; ambiguities associated with and, or, and and/or; drafting formulas; attachments to contracts; contract interpretation principles; and legal archaisms. Designed to convey fundamental•but often unconsidered•principles, this course will assist both newly admitted and seasoned attorneys with drafting, analyzing, and interpreting contracts. Unlike many other contract-drafting courses, the program will focus on the manner in which concepts are expressed in a contract, rather than the substance of any provision or contract in particular. Who should attend? All practitioners wishing to further develop legal drafting skills. Attendance to the basic course is not a pre-requisite.


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