Art law 101: The Basics
Thursday, Oct 25 2012

Art Law issues cut across many practice areas; however, the phrase “Art Law” is something of a misnomer. Unlike, by way of example, “maritime law” or “tax law,” there is really no definitive body of law that relates to art. While there are some statutes and regulations that apply specifically to art matters, what we are usually talking about when we speak about “Art Law” is the applications of some other body of law – e.g. contract law, copyright law, the law of agency, the Uniform Commercial Code, etc. – to art matters. At this program a panel of experienced practitioners will provide the basics of “art law” including: Art Transactions (title and authenticity issues), Copyright, Moral Rights and other IP Issues, Lending with Art as Collateral, Representing Artists, and Trust, Estate and Foundation Matters. This program is intended for those who practice intellectual property law, trust and estates law and litigators, as well as those who have clients in the art industry, and business executives in the art industry.


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