Overseas Securities & Other Fraud Risk: Analysis of Recent Developments
Tuesday, Oct 23 2012

From rogue trading and false accounting to the hiding of investment losses, foreign markets proved to be fertile ground for securities and other fraud in 2011. Last year, companies across the globe were hit by investigations that resulted in potential de-listings and billions of dollars in losses in shareholder value. Meanwhile, dozens of Chinese companies went public in the U.S. only to see their value plummet, and produce a wave of regulator inquiries and class-action lawsuits. With European companies subjected to a prolonged credit crisis and their Asian counterparts operating under a cloud of economic uncertainty in China, it is apparent that significant fraud risk will continue to exist overseas.

This session will feature a panel discussion composed of consultants and legal experts who will:

• Highlight examples of fraud abroad such as Olympus, UBS, and Chinese companies undergoing reverse mergers

• Discuss the impact of the infiltration of U.S.-style regulatory practices into foreign markets and how it has reshaped the way countries prosecute fraud

• Explore the implications of overseas fraud

• Identify warning signs or other “hot topics” related to overseas fraud


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