Protecting Your Client in the Current Environment: Residential Real Estate Contracts & Leases - Using, Drafting & Negotiating Riders
Wednesday, Oct 03 2012

The use of "riders" to alter and expand the standard forms of real estate contracts and leases (co-ops, condominiums and houses) is becoming more and more prevalent and important in the ever changing residential real estate market. This program will focus on the important provisions which attorneys are including in these riders. Examples of provisions that will be discussed and evaluated include “Rent to Own” agreements, mortgage contingencies (loss/expiration of commitments after contingency period), sale of existing property contingency, requirements of co-op boards regarding maintenance escrows, co-op & condo riders – representations regarding noise, leaks & construction, “As-Is” provisions, certificate of occupancy provisions & post closing possession.

This program is a must for all attorneys wanting to gain the knowledge needed to properly safeguard and advise clients in real estate transactions.


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