(LIVE PROGRAM) Ethics In International Arbritration And Litigation
Thursday, Sep 22 2011

International arbitration has been described as an ethical No Man's Land. If representing clients abroad in an international arbitration proceeding, what ethical rules govern your obligations to your clients and to the Tribunal? Are you bound only by ethical rules of the jurisdiction in which you are licensed to practice? Or are you also bound by the rules, if any, prescribed by the law of the forum or the law chosen by the parties, or by some other set of transnational rules? These are not just academic questions. They have practical consequences that arise repeatedly in international arbitration. Can you prepare witnesses prior to their testimony? Are communications of and with your in-house counsel client privileged? Are you obligated to disclose documents that are unhelpful to your client's case? Are you obligated to be truthful to a Tribunal? What if conflicting rules purport to guide your conduct? The challenge of addressing counsel ethics in international arbitration has prompted scholarly articles, codes of ethics drafted by prominent international organizations, and a movement to amend one of New York's ethical rules. Hear and learn more at this ethics program.

New York,New Jersey & California Credit: 3.0 ethics This live program provides transitional/non-transitional credit to all attorneys. Illinois Credit: 2.5 Professional responsibility


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