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Obtaining Evidence Overseas: Strategies and Insights for Overcoming the Investigation Hurdles
What do you do when your client is prosecuted in New York, but most of the evidence in the case has been obtained or is located overseas? What are the common U.S. and foreign legal hurdles associated with conducting an investigation abroad? Do constitutional protections apply to evidence obtained overseas? This program will provide guidance to practitioners in conducting international investigations, gathering evidence abroad, and utilizing that evidence.

Sovereign Immunity: Recent Developments & Global Perspectives (4.26.11)
State immunity is one of the foundations of international law. The recent decision in Samantar v. Yousuf marked the most significant change in U.S. law governing state immunity since the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act was adopted in 1976; the doctrine is undergoing changes in other nations as well. The program will address developments in the law of immunity around the world, and provide an update on efforts to develop a model law of state immunity.

H-1B Professional Worker: Pitfalls & Alternatives
This program will alert practitioners to the challenges of qualifying for the H-1B specialty occupation visa category and offer alternative routes. A panel of leading experts will discuss a variety of advanced topics including recent developments, defining specialty occupation, problem occupations, dealing with RFEs and denials, employer compliance & recent case law, changes in H-1B employment & alternatives to the H-1B category. This program is intended for practitioners with a working knowledge of the H-1B visa.