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Current Ethical Issues for Entertainment Lawyers (Original Live Program Date: 6/23/08)
This program will focus on the ethical issues faced by transactional entertainment lawyers representing clients in music, film, television and theatre. We will discuss the potential impact on entertainment practitioners of the adoption of the New York State Bar Association's proposed Rules of Professional Conduct, now being considered for adoption by the Appellate Divisions in New York. We will also review the Standards of Civility. Hypothetical fact situations will be utilized. For practicing lawyers, the program will provide an update on current practices; for newly admitted lawyers, the program will provide the necessary ethical ground rules. This program provides 3.0 credits in ethics

Current Ethical Issues for the Entertainment Lawyer (Original Live Program Date: 6/15/09)
This program will focus on the ethical mandates that every entertainment attorney should know about, whether handling transactional or litigation matters. The program will cover ethical concerns arising during various stages of a representation, including business development, Internet marketing, fee arrangements, scope of representation, multi-jurisdictional practice, and managing conflicts of interest. The presentation will also include a behind the scenes look at the Disciplinary Committee. This program provides 3.0 credits in ethics

Ethics for the Trademark Practitioner (Original Live Program Date: 3/27/07)
This program will focus on ethical issues common to trademark and unfair competition law practitioners. A panel of experts will examine issues such as proper behavior during investigations and protecting privileged information when interacting with third parties and in-house clients. This program provides 2.0 credits in ethics

Understanding and Complying With Sweepstakes and Promotions Law
As the number of game promotions - sweepstakes, skill contests, under the cap and in-pack games, for example - offered in the marketplace increases, the laws and regulations affecting them seem to change and evolve at an accelerating rate. At this program, leaders in the field will give a timely update on some of the critical legal issues involved with offering game promotions. Topics to be discussed include the laws of sweepstakes and other games of chance, skill contests, running a game promotion online, the concept of consideration as it relates to game promotions, regulatory issues and responding to regulatory and consumer complaints.