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Council on Judicial Administration

The Council on Judicial Administration coordinates the work of several of the City Bar’s court committees on issues that impact state and federal courts. The Council includes as committee designated members representatives from the Judiciary Committee, the State Courts of Superior Jurisdiction Committee, the Federal Courts Committee, the Civil Courts Committee, the Criminal Courts Committee, and the Litigation Committee, in addition to other experienced court practitioners, administrators and judges.

Recent topics addressed by the Council include reports on the Judiciary Budget and the impact of the mandated budget cuts; the proposed terms for Housing Court Judges; proposals to amend the Code of Judicial Conduct and procedures before the Commission on Judicial Conduct; procedures regarding limitations on campaign contributions to judges; and the judicial salary increases to be established by the New York State Judicial Compensation Commission.

Recent Reports

Comments on Proposed Commercial Division Rule Changes and New Model Compliance Conference Form (December 2014) 
( PDF ) 
Subject area: Commercial Division

Report on the proposed adoption of a new Rule of the Commercial Division (22 NYCRR § 202.70(g)) which relates to privilege log practice in the Commercial Division of the NYS Supreme Court (June 2014) ( PDF ) 
Subject area: Privilege Log Practice

Comments on Proposed Amendment to NYCRR § 202.70(g) (Commercial Division Rule 8 (a)), Relating to Settlement-Related Disclosure (May 2014) ( PDF ) 
Subject area: Commercial Division, Settlement-Related Disclosure

For the full list of committee reports click here

Legislative Activity

For more information on the legislative and policy work of the committee, including relevant reports, bill texts and additional advocacy materials, click here.