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Policy Issues & Advocacy

Animal Law

Legislation addressing the legal, regulatory and policy issues affecting non-human animals, both wild and domestic.

Business & Non-Profits

Legislation affecting businesses, non-profits, consumers and labor relations. 

Children & Family

Legislation affecting children and families, including legislation that protects and vindicates the rights of victims of domestic violence. 

Criminal Justice

Legislation that impacts various aspects of the criminal justice system, including operations, procedure and rights of defendants and persons with criminal convictions or previously incarcerated. 

Government & Ethics

Legislation aimed at improving the management and effectiveness of New York State and New York City government and election procedures. 


Legislation impacting the provision and receipt of health care services. 

Intellectual Property & Media

Legislation dealing with creations of the mind, both artistic and commercial, and the corresponding fields of law. 

Justice System

Legislation ensuring that New York’s justice system is able to provide the highest quality of legal representation. Policy issues in this area include the need for commission-based judicial appointments, access to justice, the importance of judicial diversity, and court restructuring when necessary. 


Legislation impacting the practices and procedures of litigating in New York State Courts. 

Legal Profession

Legislation addressing legal and policy issues attendant to professional and judicial ethics, responsibility and discipline. 

Legislative Agendas

Our State Legislative Agenda focuses on issues that are relevant to the current legislative debate or of particular importance to the City Bar, as well as legislative proposals drafted by our committees.  The agenda represents only a portion of the issues that we analyze in a given year.

New York City Policy Recommendations

Policy recommendations directed to the Mayor, his staff and relevant agencies. 


Legislation addressing real property rights, ownership and development. 

Protected Classes & Civil Rights

Legislation covering the rights and interests of New York’s protected classes. 

Trusts, Estates & Taxation Issues

Legislation addressing issues related to estate planning, trust law and the practice and the operation of the Surrogate’s Courts.