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Living Will

A living will allows you to make end-of-life decisions in advance, specifically, whether, and to what extent, life-preserving and life-extending measures should be taken in the event doctors determine you are completely and permanently incapacitated and are in a state of consciousness that will not improve, like if you enter a permanent vegetative state.

People often use a living will as a supplement to a health care proxy, as it informs the agent what you want done in circumstances in which you are incapacitated and will not get better. If you have a living will, you should provide your health care proxy agent with a copy.

Why would I want to have a living will?

When should I make a living will?

What kinds of instructions can I make in a living will?

How do I make a living will?

What if I change my mind about my living will?

I would like to make a living will:

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