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What are Statutes of Limitation?

A statute of limitation is a law that limits the time period within which you may sue a person or company. There are different statutes of limitations for various types of lawsuits.

So if I am injured, is there a statute of limitation?

If I was injured by a private citizen or company, how long do I have to sue?

The following is a representative chart of the time you have to sue for personal injury in New York (NYS Statutes of Limitation) when the potential defendant is not the government:

Slip and fall
3 years from date of accident
Car Accidents
3 years from date of accident
Product Liability
3 years from date of accident
Other Negligence Resulting in Personal Injury
3 years from date of accident
Emotional Distress (Negligent)
3 years from date of accident
Medical Malpractice
2 1/2 years from date of malpractice or from end of continuous treatment rendered by the party or entity you intend to sue for a particular condition, illness or injury
Wrongful Death
2 years from death
1 year from act
1 year from act
Emotional Distress (Intentional)
1 year from act

I think I have been injured by the wrongful conduct of another

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