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Slip/Trip & Fall (liquids, snow & ice)

A slip/trip and fall case arises when a person is injured because a walking surface (interior floor or outside surface) contains a dangerous condition (water, ice, oil, soap, holes, cracks, other defects) that causes a person to slip or trip and then fall or get knocked off balance.

What are the elements of a slip/trip and fall case?

If you slip/trip and fall and are injured because of a condition on property, you will have to show the owner of the property was negligent in dealing with the condition—that is, that the owner knew or should have known about the dangerous condition on the property and failed to clean it (or if it was cleaned, it was cleaned in a way that did not fix it or made the condition worse), fix it, rope it off, or warn of the condition.

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I have been injured in a slip/trip and fall

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