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What is compensable damage?

In order to recover for an injury, you must have suffered damage, i.e., some measurable cost. Minor cuts and bruises, unless they cause other economic loss (e.g., you are a television personality and get a bruise on your face that would ordinarily not be recoverable; but you have to miss work because of it), are not considered compensable for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it will cost more to recover them than they are worth.

In general, your damage needs to equal or exceed the costs of recovering the damage in order for you to have a viable personal injury case. Your damage may be more or less than you assume. This is a question a lawyer can help you determine.

I have been injured by someone else’s wrongful conduct. What damages can I recover if I sue?

What is economic damage?

What if because of a prior injury, I am more susceptible to injury than another person would be from a similar accident?

What if it seems like I am not injured right away, but as time passes, I realize I am?

I think I have been injured by the wrongful conduct of another

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