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Lawyers Who Would Like to Apply

We look forward to meeting you and learning about your skills. If at any time you have questions about this application, please call the Deputy Director at 212.382.6691 for assistance.

Application Process Overview

The LRS approval process is a serious one. LRS does not automatically accept every applicant even if he or she has been practicing law for many years. This allows us to confidently recommend lawyers to the public. It also makes it more likely that the lawyers we recommend will be retained.

The information from your application will be used to evaluate your suitability for panel membership and will help form the basis of your interview. The interview helps us further evaluate your experience and allows for you to meet with some of the LRS team.

Application Procedures

In applying to this referral service, you may select up to three major areas, or “panels,” of law for which you would like to be considered. These major areas are listed on page 6 of the application. Please do not apply for more than three major categories of law. You will notice that each major panel also includes sub-specialties (pages 7-9). For example, the major specialty panel “Family Law” includes sub-specialties such as “custody,” “divorce,” and “guardianship.” There is no limit on how many sub-specialty areas you may apply for within your major panel areas. Please do not apply for any area of law for which you do not hold the requisite experience. The minimum standards for each panel are available for download at the top of this page, along with our rules and the application form.

Please pay close attention to question number 20. Your answer to this question should show that you meet the minimum standards for your areas of law. Your answer must include a summary of at least three specific matters in each major panel of law for which you are applying. Each summary should include:

  • The title and index number if it is a matter of public record
  • The major issues involved
  • The amount at issue (including the amount of the verdict or settlement)
  • A summary of the investigation, discovery, or due diligence that you conducted
  • Whether you had co-counsel and if so, how the work was apportioned
  • How your client benefitted from your advice or representation.

Please include a short statement of your experience for each sub-specialty you have elected. If your practice includes an area of law that is not included in our selection list, then please include applicable descriptions and summaries.

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