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Islam and the West: What Shari'a Says About Non-Muslims
Thursday, December 9, 2010 6:30 PM - 9 PM

Event has expired. Registration for this event is no longer available.
A great deal has been said, and shouted, recently about the interaction between Muslims and Non-Muslims both here and in places like Denmark and Switzerland. This program will provide the views of REAL scholars as to what classical Islamic Law itself has to say about the proper relationships between Muslims and Non-Muslims in both Muslim and Non-Muslim societies.

Robert E. Michael, Chair, Subcommittee on Islamic Law, Committee on Foreign and Comparative Law and former Chair of the Committee

Robert E. Michael - What is Shari’a and how is it developed; Sunnis and Shi’a
Prof. Wael B. Hallaq
- Avalon Foundation Professor in the Humanities, MESAAS, Columbia University – People of the Book: Christians and Jews in Islamic Law and History
Prof. Andrew F. March - Yale University – How should Muslims interact with Non-Muslims in non-Muslim societies? Islam and Eastern Religions
Abed Awad – Practicing Attorney, Adjunct Professor, Rutgers & Pace Law Schools – Issues in Family Disputes in U.S. Courts involving Shari’a. The Oklahoma Referendum Question 755 - the "Save Our State Amendment"

Sponsored by:
Committee on Foreign & Comparative Law, Mark A. Meyer, Chair; Council on International Affairs, Mark R. Shulman, Chair

Members of the Association and their guests are all welcome.