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Race Against the Machine: Privacy, Security and Regulatory Concerns in the Face of Rapid Advances in Technology
Wednesday, November 10, 2010 6 PM

Event has expired. Registration for this event is no longer available.
Emerging technologies have the potential for abuse and misuse in ways that uniquely challenge our regulatory and legal systems. Hear a panel of experts discuss the larger implications of technologies such as satellite imaging, through-the-wall photography, biometric information storage, Cloud Computing, facial recognition software, remote activation, RFID product tagging, and RFID human implants, and their impact on constitutional rights, privacy interests, and national security.

JEFFREY R. ROSEN, Professor, George Washington University Law School

DR. KATHERINE ALBRECHT, Author, Spychips; DR. KEITH ALIBERTI, Chief, Optics and Photonics Integration Branch, U.S. Army Research Laboratory; DAVID SZUCHMAN, Chief, Cyber Crime Division, NY County District Attorney; GINGER McCALL, National Security Counsel, EPIC

Sponsored by:
Committee on Science and Law, Subcommittee on Technology Regulation