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Puppy Mills: The True Cost of That Doggie in the Window
Wednesday, June 3, 2009 6 PM - 9 PM

Event has expired. Registration for this event is no longer available.

Where do pet stores get their puppies? What are puppy mills? How are dogs treated on these large scale dog-breeding farms? Learn about nationwide legislative efforts to stop the abuse and neglect of dogs that are part of the puppy mill industry.

This program will explore the various problems linked to puppy mills, including the poor physical health and socialization problems of puppy mill puppies, the cruel treatment of the breeding females, and the link between puppy mills and the societal phenomenon of unwanted dogs. We will discuss the current legislation and also the current humane enforcement programs across the country and specifically address the status of puppy mill legislation and enforcement in New York. This program will also discuss the importance of a responsible breeder.

When 4,000,000 dogs are euthanized every year in the U.S. (9,600 dogs per day), should we allow puppy mills to churn out ever-increasing numbers of puppies, with no regard for the suffering of the dogs, the costs to society, or anything other than their bottom line.

Frances Carlisle, Law Office of Frances Carlisle
Melissa Gillespie, Law Office of Melissa Gillespie

Robert Baker, Investigator, ASCPA, Animal Cruelty initiatives
Ellen Hirshberg, DVM
Margaret Poindexter, General Counsel, American Kennel Club
Stephanie Shain, Director of the Humane Society of the United States Stop Puppy Mills campaign
Lisa Weiss, Current AKC judge

Sponsored by:
Committee on Legal Issues Pertaining to Animals, Jane Hoffman, Chair

This program is free of charge. Please register online

Members of the Association, and their guests are all welcome.