City Bar Rates Primary Election Candidates for Civil Court in New York City

The New York City Bar Association has evaluated the candidates running in the September 13th Democratic Party primary elections for Civil Court in Kings County and New York County.

In examining candidates for the judiciary, the Committee on the Judiciary of the Association seeks to determine whether the candidate possesses the requisite qualifications for judicial office, such as integrity, impartiality, intellectual ability, knowledge of the law, industriousness, and judicial demeanor and temperament.

The Committee advances two ratings: APPROVED and NOT APPROVED. Candidates rated APPROVED have affirmatively demonstrated qualifications necessary for the performance of the duties of the court for which they are being considered.

Kings County Civil Court, Countywide
Cheryl J. Gonzales: Approved
Sharen D. Hudson: Approved

New York County Civil Court, 3rd District
Anthony Cannataro: Approved
Sabrina B. Kraus: Approved

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