“Tiger Mom” and Others on Balancing Career and Family (with video)

On May 23rd, the City Bar’s Committee on Career Advancement and Management presented a panel discussion called Motherlode: Lawyering, Parenting (and Writing About It) in the Age of “Having it All.”

The main attraction was Amy Chua, author of the popular and controversial book “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” and a professor at Yale Law School. Chua said she was surprised at the attention her book has received, and attributed it to having “accidentally tapped into two of America’s deepest anxieties: fear of parenting and fear of China.”

Also on the panel were Emily Bazelon, a Senior Editor at Slate, and author Julie Buxbaum. Theresa Park moderated.

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One Response to “Tiger Mom” and Others on Balancing Career and Family (with video)

  1. Mandy Wu says:

    To Ms. Chua,
    You said there are many ways of being a good parent. Sounds like you consider yourself a good parent. Do you think there are ways of being a bad parent? For your reference, many people consider the tiger mothering ways such as name calling and coercing are bad parenting.