City Bar Accepting Nominations for 22nd Annual Legal Services Awards

The New York City Bar Association is now accepting nominations for the 22nd Annual Legal Services Awards. The award is designed to recognize the efforts of lawyers and non-lawyers who have, for an extended period during their career, devoted themselves to the provision of free civil legal services on a full-time basis to indigent persons. 

Letters of nomination should fully identify the nominee and describe his or her outstanding legal services efforts.  Please address nomination letters to the Legal Services Awards Committee, Executive Director’s Office, New York City Bar Association, 42 West 44th Street, New York, NY 10036; fax (212) 398-6634. Nomination forms are also available. For more information, contact Gabrielle Brown at the Association, (212) 382-6624 or email:

The deadline for nominations is Monday, April 4, 2011. The Association will honor the winners in May.

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One Response to City Bar Accepting Nominations for 22nd Annual Legal Services Awards

  1. Does the recipient of free legal services in the civil context have a taxable occurrence such that the pro bono attorney must issue a 1099 Misc. for the value of his gratis services?

    If not, why not?

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